Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a great 2023.

With the ongoing strikes please do let us know if you want to include a virtual element in your conference; in case some people struggle to attend in person.  We have kept up to date with all the different platforms and work with several specialist partners who can help provide cost effective solutions.

Rates are still increasing; many venues had not put their rates up since 2019/2020 so we are seeing a slight increase for 2023.  As I am sure you are aware the cost of fuel and food is obviously hitting venues too, but they are trying to keep rates as low as possible.  Please do let us know if you have a strict budget to work towards, we will continue to negotiate hard on your behalf.

We are here to help you with venue finding for global accommodation, and for conferences, meetings and events throughout the UK and Europe. Call us on 0330 128 9950 or email our general enquiries email reservations@hotelresuk.com.

We look forward to working with you this year.