HotelRes and Hybrid Events

We offer clients a full event management service for Hybrid Events.

We continue to offer our normal venue finding service and with our event management partners offer full on-site support.

But we can now provide you with a Virtual/Hybrid event platform and help you create and run your hybrid event.  We have built up a long list of suppliers who we can also call on to help you create slick pre-recorded content in “safe” studios and who can be there on the day to ensure the live streaming of your event is seamless and the virtual delegates get to interact with the speakers and sponsors.

The level of support we can offer is up to you.

Different Platforms

We have spent time researching most of the different virtual platforms.  We have used a few and attended conferences on most of the others.  We have a detailed list of contacts and put together a very rough idea of costs for some of the platforms.

The platforms are all evolving and adding to what they can offer on a weekly basis.  The cost of using a platform varies greatly.  Some require an annual subscription, some charge per delegate registration and others charge for each element of the platform you use.

Quite a few of the platforms have been developed by delegate registration software companies, such as Aventri and CVent.  These tend to be perfect for larger events when you want to have a seamless link between registrations and the event.  But there are plenty of stand-alone platforms that you can use to run smaller events or if your registration software does not provide the virtual platform you want. We have worked with ReAttendance, an events company, who developed the platform for their own use.   Hopin is another platform we have used and they have just merged with StreamYard.  Many of you who have run a virtual event may have used StreamYard to co-ordinate your live stream on all your social media channels.  The list is endless and there seems to be more virtual platforms launching each month.

Building Your Own Event or Having an Events Team Help?

Some of the platforms are quite complex and they offer a great deal of support in their packages; but they tend to be quite expensive.  But they do look great.

Most platforms will offer some kind of “onboarding” where you receive a certain amount of training and then are left to run your event yourself.  You can often purchase additional support.  To run a virtual event completely on your own is fine as long as you have very good and stable internet access.

When live events return and you want to start running hybrid events you may need two teams, one to manage the live delegates and one to make sure the virtual world is OK.

HotelRes has a team that we work with who can manage every aspect of your virtual or hybrid event for you.  The team have already paid the subscription to a virtual platform, so you do not have to commit to anything yourself. If you would like to find out more about how our virtual team can help you, please just get in touch and we can arrange a demo.

What we can do for you

We have suppliers in various parts of the country who have set up safe recording studios, where key note speakers can live stream their talk to both the live delegates and virtual delegates if they are not able to travel; or where you can professionally film pre – recorded content for your hybrid event.

HotelRes can help advise you and of course we can find you a studio to broadcast from or a venue to run your live event.  We are also here to talk to you about which platform may be best for you.

And don’t forget our extended team can help you every step of the way.  They provide the platform, build your virtual event, source all the AV equipment you need to live stream and can also be there on the day to ensure all runs smoothly and make sure live and virtual delegates are all heard. Contact us with details of what you want to achieve, and we can give you a better idea of the costs involved.