Hotels and Venues Offer a Great Option for the Team to Meet Face to Face

I know some people have returned to their offices but equally like us there are many that haven’t yet.

There are a lot of guidelines that employers have to follow to ensure that offices are “safe” for staff to return.  Indeed, in the age of high rents and office space at a premium many work spaces do not comfortably allow for social distancing.  Some people have simply found that working from homes means they are more productive and have a much better work home balance.  Speaking to a number of you it is likely that not everyone will work from an office 100% of the time and that flexible working has become the new norm.  But I also think it is safe to say most of us know that a virtual team chat really is not the same as a face to face meet up with your colleagues, or indeed your clients.  The virtual world lacks the spark that face to face brings, the ability to bounce ideas around and develop a team vibe is missing.

We all hope that the need for social distancing will be short lived; so whether or not everyone returns to the office getting the team together will be a lot easier.  In the short term why go to the expense of ensure your office space is compliant.  Hotels, venues and restaurants have all been open for a while now.  Their teams are fully trained, they absolutely have to follow the guidelines, and they have onsite cleaners who are cleaning touch points throughout the day.  They offer a great alternative to the office for meeting colleagues, teams and clients.

It has been a very stressful time for most people.  Even if your industry has not been dramatically effected in terms of demand, the pressure of juggling jobs, children, elderly relatives and the general anxiety watching the pandemic unfold around the world has touched everyone.  If you are looking to bring the team together less formally, just to give them all time to relax and reconnect then there are a few options.  Whether it is a informal lunch or dinner, team building or indeed a round of golf…all can help reconnect the team, thank them for their hard work and raise morale.

Restaurants have all had a busy August thanks to the governments Eat Out to Help Out scheme.  They have all had over a month to perfect their service in the current climate and many have private or semi-private areas.  We work with a number of great restaurants and of course hotels.

There are many options for team building, where the team can work together in a fun relaxed environment.  At the moment the team size is limited to under 30, but we hope from the 1st of October larger gatherings may be allowed.

Golf is a great way to relax and reconnect.  Golf courses were among the first sporting venues to reopen.  They are the ideal venue for you to meet both colleagues and clients, especially if you do not feel quite ready to meet in doors.  To make it really special add an overnight stay.

At HotelRes we have been busy compiling all the safety guidelines and information for all the venues.  We have also been working with our restaurant and venue colleagues to log the new capacities at each venue.  We can also book great golf packages and other team building treats.  Just get in touch to talk through the options.