Summer Parties

Summer will soon be here.  The government is aiming for restrictions to be relaxed by the time the good weather arrives.  So, summer is the ideal time to look at holding an event.

We all had to have a quieter Christmas.  With many of us attending virtual parties or deciding to skip a get together in 2020.  Teams still deserve to celebrate together and summer 2021 is the ideal time.  There are plenty of venues that have outside space.  If the weather lets us down, we can at least have the windows open and enjoy the fresh air.

The environment in a hotel is more formal than the office; helping members of your team stick to the guidelines.  Hotels have been open since June 2020 and are used to making guests feel safe.  They are used to adapting to ensure they are always following the latest guidelines.

There are a number of great venues that have outside space where teams can have a BBQ and if you want to add a fun element then why not add an entertainer or some outdoor games.  With so long apart from our colleagues just a meeting followed by a relaxed chat in the sun may be just what your team needs to really re-connect.

If you are keen to encourage collaborative, then a face to face team meeting will feel like a treat after so many of us have been working in our homes.  Meetings will give staff time to relax, learn and plan together.

If you have new starters or people who have been unable to join regular zoom meetings then you may want to look at some team building.  There are plenty of options for people who want to meet but want to be outside.  Even a simple mindfulness session will help the team relax and reconnect.

We have lots of ideas for things you can do and we have a long list of venues with outside space that would be able to host your group.  The main picture for this article is the stunning Newnham College in Cambridge, which not only has formal gardens that are ideal for drinks and food, but sports fields on the same site that can host all sorts of team games.  The pictures to the right are Hanbury Manor, Down Hall, Poets House Ely, Newmarket Racecourse and Hunton Park, near Watford.

Let us celebrate this summer…I think we all deserve it!