Sustainable Events

Prior to the pandemic the thing most of us were talking about was sustainability.  How to reduce carbon emissions and how to cut waste?

The pandemic has meant that we are traveling less, and we have got used to new ways to stay in touch virtually. We are, however, social creatures and there is no doubt that meeting and talking face to face is still so important.

There are so many ways we can do both…meet face to face and protect the planet. We just have to learn to design more sustainable events.

The use of a hybrid platform is a great starting point.  Hybrid gives delegates who have the furthest to travel the option to attend virtually. You could even consider running a global 3-day event, in 3 different location, so people can attend locally one day live and 2-days virtually depending on where they are in the world.

Sustainable Live Events

There are many ways you can make your live event more sustainable.

  • Cut down on food waste and carbon imprint by sourcing food locally, having the same plant-based menu for all and then having a protein option (meat, fish and vegetarian) to add to it. That way all delegates are eating the same thing, so you don’t have to over cater to allow for choice.  Plant-based menus are better for the environment.
  • Use local suppliers who use local materials.  For example, equipment hire firms that don’t have to drive a long way.
  • Reduce or ban the use of single use plastics. Have jugs of tap water, or water fountains.  Tell delegates in advance to bring their own water bottles or supply branded reusable bottles.
  • Don’t use lanyards and badges, use a mobile App. We are all far more used to contactless technology now.
  • Think of your set or stand designs, what are they made from, can they be designed so that they can be used again or at least recycled.
  • Encourage sponsors and exhibitors to use QR Codes to get downloadable content rather than giving away paper and card handouts.
  • Encourage the use of apps and scanners so that people can swap electronic business cards. This will also help compliance with GDPR.
  • If you know that your delegates support your sustainable approach, then you can offer a “carbon off set” option to the ticket price. And even vary the ticket price depending on how the delegate is travelling.

There is a lot we can do without it having a major impact on the look and feel of an event.  With careful planning you may even be able to save money in some areas by cutting waste.

We can help you by talking to the venues on your behalf and ensuring that what they provide fits your brief.  Many hotels and venues have already looked at their waste and are working with local suppliers.  Most good chefs are able to design conference and event menus that are plant based.

If you want to find out more about making your events more sustainable then please do let us know.  Or if you have any ideas that you have incorporated into your events that you are happy to share just send us an Email.