The Elvetham Hotel – A story of restoration and refurbishment

Some hotels and venues have really taken advantage of the time that they have had to close during the pandemic.  One such hotel is The Elvetham Hotel, near Hook in Hampshire.  It has undergone an unbelievable transformation over the past 12 months. The historic hotel has struct a balance between restoration and modernisation.

Great care and attention has been taken throughout The Elvetham’s refurbishment process to maintain the property’s historic charm and features.  In some areas features have been restored that were once lost. This is most apparent in The Elvetham’s Top Hall and main hallway, in which the carpeted floors have been removed to reveal the magnificent original Victorian tile work underneath. The new grander entrance offers a great place for guests to relax with its new seating areas.

Events Spaces

The hotel has many unique events spaces which have also been transformed. Within The Library, the largest function room of The Elvetham, the old carpet has been removed to reveal the stunning oak floor beneath it, and the signature book shelves have been resupplied with hundreds of pieces of classic literature from British authors. In addition, The Morning Room has been updated from its original cream patterned wall paper to a modern and calming pastel blue colour, topped with beautiful views onto the formal garden squares. Finally, the Seymour Room on the first floor has been re-carpeted, providing a modern meeting space for all occasions.


The Elvetham’s first and second floor bedrooms have been renovated, with elegant styling and modern amenities. The new bedrooms are decorated with a stunning feature papered wall and unique decorative headboards, Oak style writing desks and bed side cabinets, brand new smart TV’s with inbuilt chrome casts, bedside wall mounted USB charging points and in-room fridges.

Bar and Restaurant

The Elvetham’s Sylvanus Restaurant has been modernised; the new furniture helps to bring a modern dining touch, and the beautiful pastel green walls help to merge the restaurant seamlessly into the surrounding formal garden squares.

The residential Gloriana Bar is the perfect place for delegates to relax and unwind at the end of the day. Re-designed with a modern colour scheme and contemporary artwork dedicated to Queen Elizabeth I, one of The Elvethams most famous visitors.