Virtual Team Building

We know that most of you are working from home, or indeed have been furloughed. Whilst Zoom and Team have helped keep businesses connected there is nothing as good as office banter, brain storming and collaborative working to motivate and encourage individuals.

Now, more than ever, it is important to look after everyone and remind them that together we can get through this difficult time.

Team Building, even something as simple as a night out at the local Pizza Express, has always been vital to help enhance office culture. And whilst at the moment we cannot go for a quick drink after work,  it is still important to have some team time. We have been working with our colleagues in the team building community to come up with some “virtual” team building activities.

We are constantly adding to our options here are just a few of examples:

Team Connected
This is a fully managed activity. After an introduction from the facilitator, teams go into their own virtual meeting rooms where they can talk together and compete with other teams in a series of challenges that they complete via an app. These can include “corporate” branded questions, general knowledge questions, activities and scavenger hunts.

Escape Rooms
This is ideal for a smaller team (15 – 45 people). The team collectively control a remote “avatar” (an actual human facilitator) in the escape room telling them where to go and what to try. The aim is to enable the “avatar” to escape in time.

Team Social
There are many different types of quizzes available for you to play as a team. The virtual event is hosted by a quiz master with the winner being crowned at the end of the evening.

This 30 day challenge is perfect for teams that contain members that have been furloughed. Through the event app a challenge is set everyday for 30 days. All the challenges can be completed in the participants home. Whilst the team do not compete together they all complete the same tasks on the same day. Every day the finished content is shared with the whole team. The idea that the individuals get daily interaction, boosting the feeling of still being connected and part of a team.