When Will We Be Able to Meet Again?

With the current government road map for re-opening smaller events and non-essential business travel can resume on the 17th May.  After the 21st June all events and conferences will be allowed to take place without any restrictions in numbers.  It is a good sign that the government are planning the G7 Conference as a live event in Cornwall in June. Vaccines are being rolled out quickly and it is likely that rapid tests will be made available to businesses for use at conferences.  There a number of pilot large events due to take place from April.  The government will draw up a list of guidelines to ensure large events can run safely based on the pilots.

With summer on the way and the warmer weather making it easier to meet outdoors, or at least in a meeting room with the windows open it is a good time to start thinking about rewarding your teams and helping them reconnect with a meeting or relaxed BBQ.  However, I do think there is a real danger of their being a shortage of space.  With UK staycations being more likely in the summer than overseas breaks and with everyone wanting to be able to get together availability will go quickly.

Most corporate clients are planning their larger events for quarter 3 and quarter 4 2021.  But smaller team meetings will return before then.  Prior to this lockdown some of our clients had already started to use hotels for regular team meetings.  Hotel and venues offer teams a place to meet in a relaxed environment, but slightly more structured and formal than the office.  Of course, a meeting in a lovely setting is also a bit of a treat for all the team hard work. Why not plan a summer event, especially as many of us missed our normal Christmas party this year?

By May most teams will have been working remotely for over a year.  Many will not return full time to the office.  Remote working will help achieve a better home and work balance in life.  But it does not leave as much time for work teams to bond.  Teams are formed when people build trust and get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  It will be more important than ever to give your teams time to relax and work together.

Start thinking now about booking a Summer Team Building event, this can just be a barbeque. Or perhaps look at having regular team meetings in a local hotel or venue.  See our articles about Summer Parties and Exclusive Use Retreats for some ideas.

Last year we had the Eat Out to Help Out scheme to help bring revenue to restaurants and pubs.  In 2021 it would be good to Meet Out to help revive the events sector; at the same time, you can treat your teams and help them reconnect.